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Mystery of Tricky Pond

(A ghost story)

By John O'Connell

This story appeared in the "Journal for Juniors" column of the Portland Maine) Sunday Telegram on October 6, 1957. The author, then age 9, received a $1 story award.

It was about 3 p.m. when we were on an over-night hike. When we got to the pond we set up camp. Then we made a campfire and later about 9 o'clock we told three stories. The first was about a man named Three Fingered Willie. The second was about a giant spider that made giant webs. The last was about a woman who ate an arm off a body. Then we said a prayer and went to bed.

One hour later a boy in the camp heard a strange sound in the woods. The boy woke up the whole camp. We all went to the campfire. Then we heard a scream. We all looked around but we did not see a thing. Then we saw a light on the other side of the pond. Somebody came out of the woods and on to the rocks. The body was not like a man or a woman. Then there was a flash of fire and the thing was not there.

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